Yoga Fit Clinic

Introducing The Yoga Fit Clinic
How the Yoga Fit Clinic works

The Yoga Fit Clinic has two functions based on your needs either:

A) Injury rehabilitation
B) Body part targeting e.g. Strengthening abs

Following the success of the Yoga Fit classes it was observed that the majority of people who come to class have either great flexibility or great strength. It is rare to see the two in balance. Based on this The Yoga Fit Clinic was designed to assist in rectifying these imbalances by assessing what is tight, what is weak, what can be strengthened and then offer a sequence to help the student improve.

Alongside this The Yoga Fit Clinic is also suitable for injury recovery as a form of Yoga Therapy. The Yoga Fit Clinic can assess and help design a Yoga Prescription to help you back into your practice or general class.

Simply book an appointment here at the clinic and the team will run through a brief intake questionnaire and physical assessment.

We will discuss your general health, daily habits e.g sleep, water intake and patterns; based on this we will observe posture and range of movement of either the injured area or area you are wishing to target. Post assessment the team will create a bespoke plan and Yoga prescription which will be reviewed and tested in follow up sessions.

Our function is to work alongside your existing primary care practitioners, Physiotherapist, massage therapist or osteopath. Overall we are looking to help improve your health and wellbeing, lowering stress, avoiding injury and letting you find a new love for your practice! Most people who are presenting with injuries at the clinic (severity dependent) should have a prior diagnosis from their doctor or health care practitioner.

Yoga Fit Clinic

Yoga Fit Clinic

Yoga fit clinic is a total of 90 minutes including a consultation assessment, personalised prescription and follow up session all for just £50.00.